Ways To Make Your 2023 Valentines better!

Ways To Make Your 2023 Valentines better!

Have you gotten yourself organized for Valentines? I am not talking about the dinner plans, the roses, the chocolates, the card (don’t forget to write a card gents for bonus points)... I am talking about the toys, the lingerie, the saucy ideas that are going to make your valentines way more interesting this year than at home. There is no greater waste of money than spending $500-$1000 on a hotel on valentines day to do the same boring 3 positions you do at home for the other 364 days. Below I am going to give you multiple different ways to make this Valentine's one to remember and also set the tone on how you’re going to really spice up your sex life this 2023.

Get yourself an app or remote controlled toy for dinner!
There is no sexier secret than being out in public whilst one of you has the toy inside of you and the other controls the remote. You’re literally turning each other on in the most public setting and no one around you has a clue what is going on. You’ll be surprised how quick you both eat dinner so you can race home and have each other for dessert. There are 4 different toys that I will recommend for this activity. The We-Vibe Chorus which is great for simultaneous internal and clitoral stimulation, this is a remote controlled toy. The NU Sensuelle R/C Bullet Plus is a powerful internal bullet which is also controlled by a remote. Then you have the Lovense Ferri and the Lovense Lush 3 which are app controlled. The Ferri clips to the inside of the underwear using a magnet making it fantastic for clitoral stimulation whilst the Lush 3 is an insertable toy. All 4 would make a perfect edition to your dinner or picnic for the night and also make good additions whilst in the bedroom!

Make a naughty tasting plate!
Don’t just use the same lube you use every other time you have sex, get creative this year. Go to your local adult store or online and order 2-3 different flavoured lubricants (Pro Tip: Make sure they are glycerine free and don’t get body chocolate). Then go to the supermarket and get bananas, strawberries, dark chocolate (this is an aphrodisiac) and whip cream. When it’s time to get it all out, you can either blind fold your partner and use all of these on their body to explore or you can both be unblindfolded and pour each item on each other's body and do taste tests. This is definitely a fun and creative way to spice it up for the night!

Naughty Polaroid photoshoot! 
Filming might not be your thing however taking photos of each other, printing them out and pasting them in a naughty scrap book is sexy! Go to your local camera store and get yourself a cheap print on demand or polaroid camera. Take it with you on your date night to set the scene with some photos, then take it back to the room with you. You can both pose sexually or take some raunchy POV angles of each other whilst you’re getting it on. Keep the thought that it is for ‘Your Eyes Only’ to really set the tone. 

Switch up your positions with the furniture!
Don’t get stuck just using the bed like you would normally do. A nice night out is great for breaking up your routine and get yourselves out of a sexual rut which is generally caused by doing the same thing over and over again. Instead of going straight to the bed, use the couch, the bench top, the bathroom sink, the shower, the bathtub, the balcony, the dining room table, the ottoman. Whatever surface there is that can be used to bend or used to support someone's back flat on it, is what you should be using before you take it to the bedroom. 

Get toys involved!
There is no better way to spice it up for valentines than incorporating toys into the bedroom. Whether it be a clitoral bullet that you can still place under your chin when giving each other oral or a suction cup dildo which works perfect if you both want to try a MMF threesome without the additional male. Don’t just settle for one toy, get yourself a couple different ones that you can both experiment with on yourselves and each other. Include some handcuffs and blindfolds to truly enhance your experience with toys and one another through sensory deprivation. An amazing toy that really gets the both of you involved is the Chorus by We-Vibe! A couples toy that has won countless awards and has been named couples toy of the year multiple times. It comes with a remote and app which allows your partner to control it close or affair and can be used for foreplay or word during intercourse. It comes with a carry case making it perfect for traveling to and from your valentines destinations. 

The nice feeling of gifts lasts a week, the words from the written card last about a month. The sexual experience of incorporating even just one of the above into your valentines plans will have your lover counting down the days until valentines 2024. 

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